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Accountants, Tax Consultants and Corporate lawyers

As one of the largest financial consulting firms in our region - operating from offices in Breda and Etten-Leur -  Witlox VCS supports national and international clients with professional accountancy, tax and legal services. Our audit related services (with AFM permit) are provided by Witlox VCS audit B.V. and we offer business consultancy, financial planning and quality care in close cooperation with our strategic partners.

Extensive experience

Founded in 1990, Witlox VCS has developed into a solid, enterprising and social company over the years. With extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of our clients´businessess, needs and requirements. And with a strong believe in building long term relationships, based on sincere personal attention beyond the facts and figures.

Witlox VCS is a multidisciplinary organisation, in which generalists are surrounded by specialists. Our focus is always on quality and efficiency, made possible by our involved  colleagues, effective procedures and short communication lines. Furthermore, we value our talents and keep investing in their skills via education and training.

Trusted relationships

No matter what kind of support or advise is required, our associates collaborate and combine all input and ideas to successfully tackle every challenge. Our skills in maintaining excellent and personal communications are of major importance in identifying and resolving issues promptly and efficiently. In fact, responding quickly to actual events is one of our strongest assets. Over the years, this formula has proven to be a reliable fundament for building trusted relationships.


We are fully committed to our clients and conduct business critically, as if we were guarding our own interests and money. Our success is measured by our clients’ success and we aim to achieve nothing but the best in a joint effort towards ´a richer life´ for all involved.

International business

In order to service and support our international clients, we are connected to TIAG. TIAG is a global network of renowned and independent accountants, tax consultants and corporate lawyers, with more than 100 offices in over 60 countries.

Belgium-Dutch Desk

At the Belgium-Dutch Desk both Dutch and Belgian specialists cooperate within the TIAG-context. They are regarded as specialists because they are experienced in general international advice, and Dutch-Belgian advice in particular.

Cross border entrepreneurship offers a lot of opportunities and possibilities. Not only to do business, but also to live and work. From a Dutch perspective, Belgium still offers (fiscal) opportunities. A well-established legal structure can offer tax benefits in the long run. Also, in the field of estate planning, there are still plenty of opportunities for optimisation. TIAG stands for knowledge in the field of accountancy, auditing, taxation and consultancy. Good coordination with Belgian colleagues is therefore of major importance. In this field, the TIAG-network, which consists of very experienced and well trained professionals, plays a perfect role.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of doing business, living and/or working across the Dutch-Belgian borders, please contact Bo de Jong of our Breda offices (+31 (0)76-5225330).

Germany Desk

Within our TIAG network, there are excellent and specialised offices across Germany. The advisors are not only informed about all relevant laws and regulations, but even have all answers ready for you, even answers to questions that you weren’t aware needed to be asked. In this way, you are assured of excellent advice and loyal support in setting up an optimal, international fiscal-legal structure for your company, accountancy and auditing issues, as well as advice regarding cross-border labour and secondment issues and advice for the fiscal-financial and legal field.

For more information about the possibilities of the Germany Desk, or general information about our organisation, expertise, passion and possibilities please call Frits van Ginneken of our Breda offices.

Frits van Ginneken

mr. Frits van Ginneken

E-mail: frits.vanginneken@witloxvcs.nl
Mobile: 00316 - 53 23 12 58
Telephone: 003176 - 522 53 30


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